RIP… in a Pringles can


This old news was brought to my attention by a “Weirdest Wills” article on MSN. I have to pay my 5 year too late respects because of my love for Pringles.

Fredric Baur was a proud man and the inventor of the Pringles can. So proud in fact that upon his death some of his ashes were buried in a Pringles can. As if a cylindrical urn wasn’t cool enough his also has a mustache on it. My only request to Mr. Baur would have been to make the Pringles can a bit wider because when I savagely drive my hand into it the chips end up looking like ashes near the bottom anyways.

Tribute to a great man…,8599,1811730,00.html

Other weird wills. Don’t go walking into traffic after you read how many animals are richer than you.

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