Cookie Monster arrested in Times Square for scuffling with a 2-year old over $2


Oh where to begin…


Osvaldo Quiroz-Lopez is a 33-year old man dressing up like the Cookie Monster in Times Square (That’s not the sad part yet). Osvaldo, let’s call him Oz got angry at a mother and shoved her 2-year old (That’s not the sad part yet). Allegedly Oz took a photo with the child and demanded 2 bucks afterwards and the mom did not want to cough it up so he got angry and that started the altercation. $2. (Okay these are all sad parts). Oz will have to quickly reflect on all of this in jail now.

In conclusion, the next time you’re at a furry party and encounter the Cookie Monster demanding money in exchange for whatever it is you’re caught doing you should pay up or you’re gonna get roughed up. He doesn’t take any transaction lightly.

Jim Henson is rolling over in his grave:

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