Google Glass won’t be accompanying you into the strip club


Google Glass, the wearable eyeglass computer thingy’s are on the final road to being released.


Unfortunately, strip clubs are not going to allow them which does’t make any sense at all. The worry is that these dorky headsets are going to instantly transmit stripper images over social media and other places. That’s not okay but stripping in or near your local community where your neighbors live seems to be fine. Strippers apparently forgot the fact that anyone that can afford these is probably a billionaire and gonna pay for their college tuition. That eliminates lap dance roulette for these starving students. Google Glass probably also shows the wearer where to insert the dollar with the least germs. (Hopefully Google’s working on that app). In either case, I see a win-win here if they come to their senses.

Bad business decisions here:

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