Dog eats and poops out $500. Government may replace the cash.


Wayne Klinkel of Montana left his dog Sundance in the car for 45 minutes during a recent stop to his daughters house.


During this time Sundance chowed down on 5 hundred dollar bills that were in the cars center console. In these tough economic times that’s a lot of cash. So over the next couple of days Klinkel naturally followed Sundance around the house with rubber gloves and plastic bags to make the recovery. Klinkel ended up retrieving most of the bills and did the obvious thing – he asked the US Treasury Department to replace them! As it turns out, the government is willing to oblige so long as there is 51% of each bill and they can verify they’re real. (Some authentication guy is about to have a bad day). The replacement timeline is the same length as a Best Buy rebate submission at 6 months to 2 years, but hey… who would of thought…

At least now we know the penalty for leaving your dog in a car for 45 minutes ($500 and 6 to 24 months).

Poo Dollar:

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