Baby sold on Facebook in India


There’s a lot of insensitive assholes out there… Trump, Daniel Tosh, Sarah Silverman, me, but no one is anywhere near these people.


An Indian grandfather sold his daughters baby at birth, telling her it was stillborn, to a hospital nurse who resold it to a hospital attendant, who then sold it to a businessman on Facebook. What the hell is wrong with people? The first sell to the nurse was… for 45,000 rupees. This is $830.49 as of today’s calculation (the rupee is a juggernaut right now). Eight hundred and thirty freaking dollars! If you’re retarded and need a job Facebook’s compliance department might hire you. I had a picture removed from Facebook where I was flipping off the camera. Sell a baby though and it slips right past the sensors. In either case, I’m not trying to make light of a serious situation as the perps involved were all quickly arrested and I’m sure the baby will be back with mom well before knowing what ever happened in its first month on Earth. Craziness!


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