Jesus appears from fabric softener stain


The Lord works in mysterious ways. Sometimes it is in the form of spilled fabric softener on a T-Shirt. Martin Andrews of the UK (notorious binge drinkers), showed his mates his ruined shirt and they agreed the image appeared to be that of Jesus. The story lacks great detail so I’m not sure if the divine offered to buy him a new shirt. Jesus and the Virgin Mary seem to be showing themselves a lot lately in weird places. Probably because they are smart enough to stay away from actually showing up again on this planet.

Via fabric softener:

Via bird poop:


On Grilled Cheese because grilled cheese is delicious:

Jesus Christ Toast + Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese photo

On tree bark because it makes for an easy shrine:


Even leprechauns are getting some notice:



  1. The tree bark looks like something TOTALLY different to me

  2. rmbukowski

    That tree bark looks like something TOTALLY different to me

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