Bunny Rabbits Compete in Rabbit Showjumping


The Swedish are known for massages, their bikini team, taking $180 million from Tiger Woods and now this!


Introducing Kaninhop! Kaninhop is a rabbit showjumping competition similar to what horses and dogs do on Purinas Incredible Dog Challenge (If you have not seen this you must!). These furry little guys train in jumping clubs (no, I’m serious) and then have competitions against other clubs (still serious). The craze has become so popular since it’s founding in the 80’s that now it is in other European countries, the US, Canada and Japan of course, because the Japanese don’t miss a beat on anything weird. Animal rights groups are unhappy because they see rabbits doing unnatural things like hopping but that hasn’t stopped the sports growth. I guess they could be mad at the leashes the rabbits sometimes wear but Miss Fehlen, a trainer says, “‘We use them in tournaments for safety…Just think of what would happen if a male were to break free. We want to avoid uncontrolled reproduction. It has happened before.” Ohhh rabbits being rabbits.

Kaninhop nation: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1381464/Bunny-rabbits-compete-jumping-course-Dressage-set-world-storm.html


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