Hyundai Apologizes for Suicide Advertisement


Congrats on making Most Amazingest twice already Hyundai. You make it easy to write stupid blog posts.


Hyundai recently released a viral ad for their new ix35 zero emissions vehicle showing a man failing to commit suicide by locking himself in the car and piping exhaust into its cabin.  What could possibly be offensive about that? Luckily for the actor the car only releases water vapor not carbon  monoxide. I thought it would have been more funny if they would have switched cars out on him to a real gasoline model in between takes. Then they REALLY could have offended people. In either case, they must have been filling up the conference room with carbon monoxide when the ad team signed off on this idea. Well Hyundai apologized and quickly removed the video, but like all good things, others were quick to save it and re-post it. Go Hyundai go! I’m sure we’ll be revisiting you guys again soon.

Even I realize it’s offensive:

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