Sexually Rejected Flies Drown Their Sorrows in Booze Too!


Ladies, it’s science… and now we can prove it. When you don’t put out, it causes men to drink. Neurogeneticists, Troy Zars and Galit Shohat-Ophir (my ability to find incredible names strikes again), studied 24 male flies and 20 female flies in different scenarios. One was a controlled situation where the male flies were allowed to mate freely with numerous female flies. The other situation was where one male and one female fly that had already mated were put together. In the second situation, the female wouldn’t give it up again. Weird… the first sounds like Spring Break Panama City circa 2001 and the second sounds like marriage. Anyhow, all the males were given the option to eat alcohol infused food or non-alcohol infused food and low and behold the sex deprived males were 4 times more likely to choose the booze. What’s even more amazing is that people actually get paid to study this shit!

Drunken Fly Sex Party:

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