Grumpy Cat gets a Christmas movie


Just when you thought Hollywood had run out of ideas the Cinematic Recovery by Acting Pets or CRAP have come to the rescue.


Internet meme, Grumpy Cat extends his already overly extended fame in this Christmas tale that is sure to warm the heart. As the “plot” goes, burglars try to steal a million dollar dog and a youngster and Grumpy Cat save the day. More importantly, the creators of stupid stuff on the Internet, like me, see there is a possibility to become rich for putting, well… stupid stuff on the Internet. Lifetime (guys ask a woman for directions to this channel) will be playing this throughout the Christmas season. Interestingly enough, IMBD reviewers gave it a 6.2 out of 10 rating which beats the average rating of Michael Bay’s six 2014 productions… and you thought I was joking about Hollywood running out of ideas.


Scoreboard bitch: Grumpy Cat 6.2, Michael Bay 6.1

My motivation for continuing Most Amazingest everyday:

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