“Jerk” Pig Poops on Plane Ruining When Pigs Fly Joke


When do pigs fly? The day before Thanksgiving as it turns out! Well almost.


I can’t get a water bottle by TSA but apparently a Connecticut woman was able to get a pig through claiming it was for “emotional support”. Seriously… this is a thing. All you need is a doctors note claiming “emotional support” and you can do this. I feel much safer flying now.

To everyone’s complete surprise, the pig was not very interested in flying and became disruptive and took a poop once seated on the flight. The pigs owner/lover/therapist (not sure) then unleashed a verbal lashing on the pig calling it a “jerk” for pooping. The pig proceeded to run up and down the aisle as well causing more problems. At this point a light bulb went off in the minds of the US Airways personnel and they realized somehow, some way a pig might be a problem on an airplane. The hero’s with the plastic wings on their lapels then took swift action booting the pig and its owner from the flight.

Fortunately for the owner it appears she will not face any charges. No news on what kind of “emotional support” the pig will receive either for this domestic abuse.


Animals continue to dominate Most Amazingest. http://www.courant.com/breaking-news/hc-pig-on-plane-at-bradley-1130-20141129-story.html

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