Unauthorized Selfie Sticks are Threathening South Korea


First Kim Jong Un and now this.


South Korea is punishing the makers of “knock off” or unauthorized selfie sticks. These are sticks that act as arm extensions to hold your camera phone farther away so you can elevate your narcissism to a whole new level. The really, really important part of this story is that there are actually authorized selfie sticks for people to purchase. If you own one of these, please immediately punch yourself in the face… and post a selfie of it. The Koreans however miss the point entirely by outlawing unauthorized ones which use Bluetooth transmissions that haven’t gone through the proper certification. They should be punishing people just for inventing these in the first place. Fines of up to $27,000 or 3 years in jail await these offenders. Public stoning is still be considered (I hope).

People I hate: http://jezebel.com/south-korea-is-outlawing-knock-off-selfie-sticks-1664460225

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  1. the good ole’ selfie stick! classic. Check out my take on selfies! http://bit.ly/1uS8v0C

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