Double-Barreled ‘Shrimp Cannon’ Cooks Shrimp in 3 Seconds


This will be the coolest thing you see today.


Japan’s biggest cell phone carrier NTT Docomo Inc. wants you to know how fast their service is. To demonstrate this they did the obvious thing by creating the most awesome (and only) double-barrel shrimp cannon you’ve ever seen. Two women in snorkel gear fire up Japan’s version of Slayer and then blast a couple shrimp through a gauntlet of bread crumbs, eggs, oil and then a flame thrower. At the end, voilà! Prepped, seasoned and torched shrimp in under 3 seconds! Guaranteed no one makes the connection that NTT’s service is supposed to be fast, but at millions of views and counting who cares. You are witnessing the birth of the shrimp cannon and NTT’s new business unit.


If you do only one thing today, watch this:


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