Man Attacks Pregnant Wife with McChicken Sandwich


Marvin Tramaine Hill II of Des Moines does not like McChicken sandwiches.


Hill’s pregnant wife woke him from a nap recently with a McDonald’s McChicken sandwich in hand. According to Marvin his wife actually was assaulting him at first because “he doesn’t like them”. Obviously when someone is anti-dollar menu, Marvin did the only logical thing and grabbed the sandwich and attacked her with it. First he got a clean shot in with his first throw and then followed it up with a straight shot with the top bun only. The wife at this point was on her heels retreating to the ropes (aka bathroom) when Marvin went for the TKO with a bun shove to the face.

Naturally in today’s social media era Marvin camera phone filmed this as it was happening. After hours of laughing the police finally stopped watching the video and arrested Marvin for domestic assault and he’s being held without bond. In either case, social services may want to keep an eye on this one because if this is what sets off Marvin II, it may not be a good environment for Marvin III to grow up in.


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