The Bumper Dumper Let’s You Go While on the Go


We’ve all been there. You’re in your car and all of a sudden you have to go the bathroom so bad it can’t wait.


And I’m talkin’ #2 not #1. Well introducing the Bumper Dumper! This chick magnet accessory is a trash can, err.. toilet that hooks up to your trailer hitch. Simply drop in a plastic bag, drop your pants, then drop your load. Genius! Think of it as your own outhouse except it travels with you at all times. Perhaps that’s called and Out and About House (I better patent that quick). Only issue is it has no walls, so you may be clearly visible depending on where you are when the sudden urge to go strikes. Luckily though it is very attractive and can hold up to 500lbs so if your pet hippo has to poop it can go too. Or you can do a his and hers dump and it will easily support both of you.

The website claims only limited quantities are available so it’s best to act before 2020 when these sell out.

Why tow a boat when you can tow this:




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