Gas Attack Sickens 19 at Furry Convention


The Midwest FurFest furry convention had to evacuate its 4000 attendees over the weekend in Chicago when a noxious odor started sickening people.


Police believe the chlorine powder they discovered was intentionally planted. Is nothing sacred to terrorists? If a man can’t dress in an animal costume and hump dance another woman or man in an animal costume then shits about to get real. What this story also tells me is, here’s another 4000 people that party harder than me. Dammit. 19 people did get sick but luckily it appears none too serious. Being cold in Chicago this time of year some of the furries found shelter in the nearby Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. Most amazingly an actual dog show was taking place there at this very time. A territorial dispute then ensued between the 2 legged furry creatures and the 4 legged furry creatures and shit did get real.

Eurofurence 2014

Animal Style:

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